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Joined McGill X-1

Joined the McGill X-1 and was one of three startups funded to travel across the US. Met with awesome investors and entrepreneurs from Seqoui Capital, USV, Mizuho and more. Read more here.

Raised Pre-Seed Capital

Received multiple grants and was selected as Front Row Ventures (Canada's first student led fund) first investment for a small check of $25 thousand, read more about it here.

Joined FounderFuel Accelerator

Joined the FounderFuel Accelerator and received a $120,000 investment to help fuel our growth to take us to the next level. Read more here.

  • Movement

    The attention economy is coming to an end and will be replaced by a model that re-aligns incentives for both content creators and consumers. It takes a team to power such a shift and we work hard to be a part of it. In the process, we make sure to have fun, enjoy our day to day and have an impact.

  • Mission

    Prioritize and actively participate in order to advance the company's mission and always make sure the company's stakeholders (team, clients, investors) are in mind.

  • Curiosity

    Be curious, ask for help, and demonstrate an ability to grow as a person and professional. Learn own your mistakes and make sure to bring optimism and joy to everyone around you.

  • Entrepreneur

    We are all entrepreneurs and expect everyone in our team to be one. Be resourceful and make things happen by being bold and original.


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